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Herb Medicine Spice Grinding MachineHerb Medicine Spice Grinding MachineHerb Medicine Spice Grinding Machine
Herb Medicine Spice Grinding MachineHerb Medicine Spice Grinding MachineHerb Medicine Spice Grinding Machine

Herb Medicine Spice Grinding Machine

Model: CWSG-60C

Capacity: 5~30 kg per hour

Construction material: SUS304

Feed raw material size range: Smaller than 40mm

Screen hole size: 2-20mm

Shaft speed: 4500rpm

Voltage: Customized

Dust collector: Choose based on customer request.

Products Introduction

This model herb grinding machine can grind many kinds of soft, hard medicine herbs and other materials quickly, mainly including ganoderma lucidum,panax quinquefolius,iron maple bucket, pseudo-ginseng,pearls,stem grass,ores,whole grains,maca,dry herbal plants etc except for oily,humid,sticky materials.

It can also be used for grinding various mixed spices, such as chili, black pepper, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, coriander and curry powder.

Attention:Size of feeding materials must be below 40 mm.

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Working principle

The materials enter from the hopper, cross the feeding throat and go inside the grinding cavity in the end.

First, the materials are pulverized in the first grinding cavity through interactive motion between movable teeth disc and fixed teeth disc.

Then the finished materials flow to the second grinding cavity (external grinding cavity) through holes of discharging materials on the movable teeth disc.

There is hammer cutter with high speed transmission in the external grinding cavity, the first ground materials are pulverized at the second time through interactive motion, striking, cutting, rubbing between hammer head with high speed rotation and inner teeth ring in the internal grinding cavity.


Structure:This grinding machine mainly consists of chassis, motor,outer shell, control system, grinding system, cover of grinding cavity, head of feeding materials, collecting bag (or container).


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Velocity of spindle rotation(r/min)


Power supply(kw)




Overall dimension(mm)


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Grinding is just a period of process                                                    Simple and saving time  

Fresh grinding and selling                                Pharmacy shop/clinic/hospital/supermarket

Powerful assistant                                Different sieve meshes depend on different meshes

Fineness: 30-200 mesh                                                                            Test machine for free 

One-year warranty                                                                                 Long-life maintenance

Free gifts after receiving orders currently 

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