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Chili grinding production line


This is fully automatically chili powder production line, throw the chili powder into the hopper and you can get the final material you want. The production line including these machines:

A. Stem cutting machine: Mainly cut the chili stem, no matter is it straight or bend

B. Dry cleaning machine: After stem cutting, we need to destone and clean the dust on the chili surface

C. Coarse crushing machine: After the chili cleaning, we use a belt conveying convey the chili to coarse crushing machine, the coarse crushing machine will crush the material into smaller sizes.

D. Fine crushing machine: The material from coarse crushing machine will be conveyed into a fine crushing machine to make it into fine powders

E. Mixing machine: Some customer may have request to mix chili powder with oil or other types of spices

F. Sieving machine: after mixing, the mixed material will be sifted by sifters

G. Packing machine: the sifted materials will be packed into different sizes of bags


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