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Ribbon BlenderRibbon BlenderRibbon BlenderRibbon Blender
Ribbon BlenderRibbon BlenderRibbon BlenderRibbon Blender

Ribbon Blender

1.Flexible material selection
Material can be carbon steel,  ss304  and 316L; besides, different material can also be used in combination. Surface treatment for stainless steel include sandblasting, wiredrawing, polishing, mirror polishing, all can be used in different parts of a mixer
2.The driven unit
Options for motor: general motors, explosion-proof motors, variable frequency motor, high efficiency and energy saving motor. Commonly used reducers: R-series, K-series, and F-series gear box; cycloidal reducer, universal gear reducer, planetary gear reducer.
Commonly motor-gearbox connection: direct connection, pulley connection, hydraulic coupler connection.
3.High efficiency mixing unit
Different main shaft agitators can be equipped according to the properties of raw materials.
The main shaft agitator could be: inner and outer ribbon, paddle and ribbon, disconnected ribbon, and shaver-shaped agitator.
 4.Excellent discharging unit
The drive types of valve are Manual, pneumatic, and electric.
Valves for consideration: powder spherical valve, cylinder valve, plum-blossom dislocation valve, butterfly valve, rotary valve etc.
5.Various inlets 
Various inlets on the top cover of the barrel can be designed according to different situations.
They can be used as man hole, cleaning door, feeding hole, vent, and dust colleting hole.
The top cover can be designed as fully-opened lid for easy cleaning.

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Products Introduction

Product introduction

Horizontal Ribbon mixer is a brand-new mixer. It is characterized in high efficiency, high degree of homogeneity, high load coefficient, low energy consumption, low pollution, little destruction to frangible material. It is suitable for mixing a wide range of materials such as powder-powder, power-liquid, especially for paste, thick materials.

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Structure composition

The main components of the horizontal spiral belt mixer are motor, reducer, cylinder cover, cylinder body, feed port, main shaft, spiral belt, close socket, discharge valve and other components.

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Working principle

Horizontal ribbon blender consist of U-shaped barrel, agitator, speed reducer and electric motor .Untwist double ribbon are swirled  with the main shaft in the U shape barrel. The outer ribbon push the material from the two  ends to the center of the barrel, inner ribbon push the material from center to the two ends. Thus to achieve material convention

Under the driven of motor, the double ribbon agitator mix the material quickly.  This ribbon  blender is characterized by high mixing effect, large productivity, and a very low failure rate.  Since it is a batch type mixer, customer should choose the model according to the output per batch.

The discharging port is set in the bottom center, with the help of the outer ribbon,the material can be discharged completely, and no dead zone. 

We also provide suitable feeding machine for the ribbon blender,such as screw conveyor,  vacuum conveyor,bucket elevator,flexible screw conveyor etc.

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The horizontal ribbon blender is widely used in chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, and  construction line. It can be used to mix powder with powder, powder with liquid, and powder with granule. 

1. Driven unit: SEW, ABB, Siemens or local famous brand

2. Bearings: NSK/TNT and so on

3. Heating/cooling jacket

4. Spraying system

5. Heavy duty type ( loading your material into the mixer first and then start the mixer)

6. Platform: we build the platform for you or we design it and you build it locally

7. Mixing system: including packing machine, bucket elevator, Sieve, screw conveyor and so.

Customizing according to client’s specific requirement

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TAG:   soup mix powder  offset mixer raw material  raw chemicals mixer  soup mixer conical screw mixer Tank agitator


Model 200 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 10000
Batch mixing capacity(kg) 80-100 200-250 400-500 600-700 800-1000 1200-1500 1600-2000 2400-3000 3200-4000 4000-5000
Power(kw) 3 5.5 11 11 15 18.5 22 37 45 55
Spindle speed(r/min) 42 42 32 32 32 32 30 28 28 22
weight(kg) 450 800 1200 1500 1800 2000 2500 3000 4000 5000

Details images

1. Efficient mixing device The mixer can be equipped with different agitators according to different material properties; Conventional material mixing: different powders are mixed with each other, the same material is mixed in batches, a small amount of liquid is added to the powder, the liquid is added to the powder and stirred to the slurry, the slurry is thickened or diluted, the particle is mixed with the powder. Mixing of granular material and granular material, crushing and mixing of agglomerates, cooling or heating up, etc.

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2. Discharge device Conventional configuration of horizontal screw belt mixer: pneumatic curved flap valve. When the valve is closed, the curved flap of the valve fully fits the arc surface of the cylinder. In the mixing process, there is no redundant mixing dead angle, making the mixed materials more uniform. The following pictures are manuel discharge valve and pneumatic drive discharge butterfly valve

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Company Information

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise that integrating technology R&D, processing, manufacturing and trade services. Our company is mainly devoted ourselves to the design, fabrication and installation of screening, conveying,mixing, crushing and other related products.

We have 10 years of overseas after-sales experience, provide 24-hour online service, 365-day machine warranty, and have more than 50 patented technologies.

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raw chemicals mixer

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TAG:   soup mix powder  offset mixer raw material  raw chemicals mixer  soup mixer conical screw mixer Tank agitator
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